About Us

Founded in 2000, Kyle Conti Construction (KCC) is a privately-owned construction firm steeped in tradition and more than 200 years of collective experience.

Kyle Conti Construction (KCC) is a privately-owned, fourth-generation construction firm steeped in tradition and experience.

Headquartered in Hillsborough, NJ, KCC is an award-winning general contractor and industry leader in heavy civil and environmental construction. Kyle Conti Construction focuses on niche markets within the private and public sectors, and is greatly diversified in markets including: bridges and roads, ports and marine, environmental, energy and utilities, rails and transit, refineries and industrial, design/build, dam rehabilitation, and sustainability.

Our Mission

The Conti Way: Building on Excellence

As an industry-leading construction and infrastructure development company, our mission at KCC is to continue offering the highest quality service and performance. We will always strive for the very best, and in order to consistently achieve that, we believe in:

  • Our People: Our team is made up of innovative, experienced professionals devoted to the company’s growth and success.
  • Our Values: We are founded on honesty and integrity, believing that these characteristics are paramount to maintaining a highly professional work ethic and environment in addition to our clients’ trust and respect.
  • Our Safety: Through professional development, extensive training, and the highest safety standards, we operate exceptionally safe and productive jobsites for our team as well as the general public.


The Conti Family story began in 1906 when the original family business, T.N. Conti & Sons was founded by Kyle’s great-grandfather Tony N. Conti.

KCC was founded on four generations of integrity, professionalism, and quality.

A stonemason by trade, Tony and his company built stonewalls, steps, and patios before later venturing into the landscape construction and maintenance business. Over time, T.N Conti & Sons added concrete curbing, paving, stone work, sanitary sewers and a basement waterproofing specialty business. The quality and craftsmanship of Tony’s work have stood the test of time as much of his work is still in use today.

Tony’s creed was “Give a bag of cement before you steal one.” This concept of finding ways to save the customer money and deliver projects on time and under budget was carried forward by Kyle’s grandfather Gerald and then by his father Natale (Nat), who in 1959, founded Conti Construction. Under Gerald and then Nat, the Conti’s greatly expanded the scope of their construction services.

In 2000, eager to leave his own mark upon the family’s history and the construction world, Kyle left Conti Construction to form KCC. With little more than his name and a dream, Kyle has built KCC into the industry leader that you see today. Every generation of the Conti Family has been synonymous with honesty, integrity, fair value and an eye for detail. KCC proudly continues this tradition for the benefit of its customers.

Our Team

We strongly believe that our team is what keeps KCC strong and successful.

We often boast that our greatest achievement is in employing such an amazing group of high-achieving professionals.

We invite you to take a moment and meet the team.


Kyle Conti


Paul Thomson


Francis J. Olivo III


Reggie Elsman


Warren Schumacher

Our civil and environmental construction services and capabilities are unparalleled.

The synergy between our history of excellence, core values, and operational fundamentals is what sets us apart for the competition.

Why KCC?

  • Centuries of collective industry experience and results: We boast a superb track record of successfully completed projects and an impressive roster of clients
  • Value engineering: We offer a team of industry experts that set realistic goals and execute projects seamlessly to maximize each project's function and results while minimizing costs
  • Planning and consistent communication: Our team is committed to systems, schedules, and clarity to ensure deadlines are met and quality standards are upheld
  • "Built to last" reputation: Our projects are always built with the finest craftsmanship and materials to withstand the test of time
  • Safety and efficiency: For KCC, these two adjectives are never separated when describing our work. Safety and efficiency are always top priorities in tandem with quality and client satisfaction