Emergency Response Services

In an emergency situation, time is of the essence and experience is a necessity. When disaster strikes, KCC’s knowledgeable and tested team of professionals is ready to answer the call. Regardless of the cause, KCC is ready to respond with a quick, versatile and effective operation.

KCC’s emergency response services can provide pre storm hardening as well as post incident response. KCC can handle all aspects of infrastructure such as road, rail, or other governmental facility incident management and emergency response.

From debris and vegetation management to environmental clean-up, traffic control, waterway services and more; KCC is prepared to provide for any pre and post emergency and disaster situation relief.

Our experience and past successes in events like Superstorm Sandy has given us the know-how to move quickly and efficiently in responding to any major occurence. The KCC mission at an incident is to provide strategic and impactful emergency services that lead to the prevention of loss of life and/or further damage to the environment.