At Kyle Conti Construction, we pride ourselves on our impeccable track record.

From our team of experts and high safety standards to our efficiency, seamless project management, and quality of work, we are committed to completing projects on time and on budget.

Our greatest advocates for our work and reputation are our customers. Our track record and past performance speaks for itself due to the many honors, letters, awards, and recommendations KCC has received. Below represents a few of our clients' letters of gratitude and recommendations.


Retired County Parks Engineer, Current KCC PM
Hillsborough, NJ

“Having spent a career as a County Engineer taking on a variety of projects to sustain the infrastructure for the community, I had the great pleasure of working with Kyle Conti Construction on numerous contracts.

KCC has an experienced and capable team which gets the job done right and on schedule, as well as proactively solves any issues that may arise.

KCC was always a first-class organization to have on any project and I always had a positive experience in getting to work with them.

After retiring from the county, I was presented with the opportunity to work for KCC, and am now enjoying being a part of this exceptional team.”

Christopher A. Lawrence, PE

Area Manager - Principal Project Manager / Chief Engineer, CH2M, Ports & Marine Group
Philadelphia, PA

Through each experience, we have been impressed by their commitment to achieving successful projects as evidenced by their professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work.

CH2M has recently had the opportunity to work with Kyle Conti Construction (KCC) on a variety of projects related to the development or redevelopment of significant new marine terminal facilities. Projects ranged from grading and paving, to rail construction, to electrification, utility installation, plus many other smaller collateral details. Through each experience, we have been impressed by their commitment to achieving successful projects as evidenced by their professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work. We particularly appreciated their collaborative input related to required changes to the construction program. This input informed descisions which allowed the program to gain time and cost efficiencies. I look forward to working with KCC on future port and marine projects.

Javier Itriago

Dir. of Engineering Projects & Program Manager, PNCT Expansion, Ports America, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

This letter is to acknowledge and commend the excellent work and service provided by Kyle Conti Construction (KCC) in the successful completion of the PNCT Phase 1 Expansion Project in our marine terminal in Newark, NJ.

Through their positive contribution, even in the face of challenging factors, KCC greatly assisted the owner in accelerating their work, so that this project was completed ahead of schedule with an extremely high level of quality in the workmanship both in the field and in the office. We have been delighted to have KCC as part of our team. KCC’s professionalism, know-how, work planning and execution, and customer relationship management have been top-notch… The project finished at a final contract value of $19,198,361.00 and this was all completed in just six months.

Ports America is the largest marine terminal operator in the Americas. We are in the midst of investing over $250 million dollars in infrastructure in the next few years just in our PNCT terminal in New Jersey…(KCC) will certainly be at the top of our list when it comes to construction projects in this complex environment.

In the mean time, we are very excited to have KCC back on the Express Rail Project and have complete confidence that we will receive the same level of quality, honesty and integrity.

Robert F. Ortego

Manager, Environmental Compliance, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

Please accept this correspondence as a formal letter of recommendation for Kyle Conti Construction who recently completed a two year project for Princeton University rehabilitating the Carnegie Lake Dam. This structure was originally build in 1905 and required maintenance repair over the entire length which included buttress rebuilds, cofferdam installations, removal of weathered concrete with replacement and placement of waterproofing membranes over the upstream struture. During the entire project, the company's personnel were polite, responsive and open to field changes due to unforesen conditions. They provided valuable input due to some conditions that were complicated and were considered a valueable asset during the project.

Princeton University considers this major maintenance of our important asset to the campus and surrounding community to be a tremendous success. We highly recommend Kyle Conti Construction for any project that they may be considered on completing.

Michael Ferullo

Resident Engineer, Kupper Associates
Bordentown, NJ

Congratulations on the success with this weekend’s (New Jersey Turnpike Authority) work. Materials, equipment and manpower (for the parkway bridge deck repairs and resurfacing) were plentiful, and the “can do” attitude of all personnel was commendable, despite poor weather conditions. Thanks again to all for a job well done!

Darryl Eng

Senior Construction Manager – Associate VP, AECOM Transpiration
New York, NY

I write to give you my unsolicited endorsement for Kyle Conti Construction (KCC).

Over the last year of working with the KCC team on the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, it is very apparent Kyle Conti Construction is a first-class professional organization. I find the entire KCC team, from laborer to superintendent, to be safety-conscientious, operationally-efficient and quality-minded. This spirit comes from the leadership of Kyle Conti who I find extremely passionate in the manner in which he runs his construction company.

With the above, AECOM will surely benefit from a partnership working with Kyle Conti Construction on future projects.

Warren R. Bryant

Lead Contract Administrator, Amtrack – 30th Street Station – 5S180
Philadelphia, PA

Kyle, I wanted to thank you and the Kyle Conti team for a job well done for the Raised Platform Project. Your team performed well and provided an end product that has met the requirements of our SOW. The platforms, stairs, fencing and all items associated with the platforms are highly visible to train passengers and is a project you should be proud of.