Rail & Transit

KCC has a proven track record of delivering sizable and uniquely complex rail and transit projects.

The global demand for rail and mass transit to move people and goods has never been higher. Freight, light rail, and subway systems are continuing to expand with the growing population, triggering an increased investment in modern equipment and infrastructure improvements and development.

Our core competencies include full-scale planning, design management, construction, operations, and maintenance, supported by thorough work/safety processes and state-of-the-art tools. KCC delivers these infrastructure systems with faster schedules, lower life-cycle costs and considerably less risk to the clients.

Private Freight Rail

Newark, NJ

The project consisted of site work and 2 new bridges, for the creation of a connector that will allow trains to enter the Rail Yard from its point of origin, without reversing. The selection was based on the lowest-technically qualified evaluation criteria.

This was a vital and much anticipated intermodal infrastructure project that has been in planning for over a decade. given the multi-agency stakeholders and approvals.

Amtrak Raised Platform & Cable Tray Walkways

New Brunswick, NJ

Kyle Conti Construction, LLC competitively bid and won this challenging design-build, fast-track construction contract with Amtrak as part of the New Jersey High Speed Rail Improvement Project on the North East Corridor (NEC) from Trenton to New Brunswick, NJ.

KCC managed and scheduled all work at the site… to produce and deliver custom fabricated steel structures and other components on an accelerated basis to meet the aggressive deadlines set by Amtrak.

KCC managed and scheduled all work at the site, and worked very closely with its consulting engineer, steel fabricators, and vendors to produce and deliver custom fabricated steel structures and other components on an accelerated basis to meet the aggressive deadlines set by Amtrak. The work performed in this contract allows Amtrak to install new cables and equipment for upgrades to the ET (Electric Traction) and C&S (Communications and Signal) infrastructure along this section of the NEC.

New Jersey Transit VBF Extension

Bloomfield, NJ

KCC worked with New Jersey Transit (NJT) at this centralized maintenance facility located in Bloomfield, NJ, which stores, maintains, and repairs all the Newark City Subway (Light Rail) System’s light rail vehicles (LRVs). This system serves 20 stations along its 14-mile length and has a daily ridership of 40,000 commuters.

The overall project involved the construction of a 6,480-square-foot expansion of the existing LRV storage building, of which all work was performed by KCC in close proximity to operating LRVs and live catenary lines. In summation, the primary goal of successfully and safely completing this important expansion project was achieved.

ExpressRail Phase 2 Build Out

Port Newark, NJ

KCC competitively bid and won this project with the PANYNJ to upgrade and improve the efficiency of the existing facility.

KCC performed the work as the general contractor and maintained full operations at this critical facility during the performance of the project. All work was safely performed in very close proximity to the operating tracks. All work was performed over an 18-month period spanning 2013 and 2014, and the project was divided in three stages in order to maintain the operations of the transloading facility and the operating railroad.