Gate Complex Improvements - APMT Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, NJ

KCC was awarded the APMT Port Elizabeth Gate Improvements project, through a very competitive bid environment.


KCC was awarded the APMT Port Elizabeth Gate Improvements project, through a very competitive bid environment. This new infrastructure had been in the terminal plans for over a decade, and through KCC’s established Ports & Marine experience, was the project able to be achieved. A comprehensive team from all sides and much collaboration happened to create the accomplished new Gate, which will empower APMT’s growth and efficiency in the marketplace.

Project Highlights

  • The project consisted of 5 TAA packages approved by PANYNJ for APMT.
  • The Work Site was located at APMT’s operating marine terminal, and KCC’s work hours were always flexible when off-hours were needed to perform work around the priority of their operations.
  • KCC prepared and submitted a very detailed Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP), as safety was a paramount aspect of the project, both for APMT and KCC.
  • Created a new Drivers Assistance (DA) facility consisting of a parking area, traffic patterns, with striping, lane protection, and transactional kiosks to allow for remote assistance and demolished the existing Drivers Assistance facility located in the new ingate area.
  • This included infrastructure for relocating terminal power and communications systems out of the way of the new gate facility, work outside the existing RoadabilityFacility, paving and some other utility relocations.
  • Completed the new In-gate facility with Optical Character Recognition equipment (OCR) Portals (in and out), and related infrastructure and site improvements to paving, drainage, lighting, electrical, and water systems. Both weigh-in-motion and static-scale installations are included along with a variety of traffic markings, barriers, bollards, and fencing.
  • Asbestos abatement of the existing Drivers Assistance facility following acceptance and commissioning of the new facility. Work was scheduled to not start until APMT had taken occupancy of the new DA facility and relocated staff out of the existing facility.
  • Demolished the existing Drivers Assistance facility, following asbestos abatement and approval.
  • Constructed a new OCR and gate canopy structure to shelter the gate system monitoring and transactional equipment.
  • KCC was responsible to submit designs for the new pre-engineered structures. This impacted the overall foundation design and was finalized prior to construction of gate lanes and foundations.
  • Each Package will require close out of the TAA and a Certificate of Occupancy to be considered complete.